“My biggest joy is seeing women embody who they truly are.

How we do anything is how we do everything.

Through my transformative SakredShe program, I help women peel back layers of conditioning to reclaim their authentic voice, attract abundance, create deep, connected relationships, and live a joy-filled life.”

Internationally recognized embodiment coach Sandy Sembler is a heart-led mentor who puts women on a transformational path to profound abundance and healing. Through her inspirational SakredShe program, Sandy empowers women to embrace their divine feminine essence by breaking up with long-held toxic thought patterns and negative self-beliefs.


Sandy’s Story

From a successful career to a dynamic social life, outwardly, Sandy had it all. But, trapped in a cycle of unhealthy relationships, inside she was lonely and unsatisfied. Habitual survival patterns held from childhood led to an overtly masculine approach to life, which, while generating success, hindered meaningful connections to the closest people in her life.

This ignited a desire to change and marked the start of a ten-year journey of healing.  After an intervention with Tony  Robbins and under the guidance of spiritual teachers from around the world, Sandy experienced profound mental, emotional, and spiritual shifts deep within.



Embrace Your True Essence with SakredShe

Drawing on her personal wisdom and life experience, Sandy created her inspiring SakredShe program. Aligning disciplines from her international teachers, the SakredShe program is a powerful transformational experience that taps into the unlimited energy and creativity of your feminine flow. Across the process, you’ll release self-limiting behaviors and thoughts while reconnecting with your mind, body, and heart.



Sandy’s Philosophy

Sandy believes that by “making your mess a message and your test a testimony” you will find joy on the other side.

Through her compassionate yet ‘take no prisoners’ coaching style, she taps into the well of her own personal journey to deeply connect with each client as a unique soul.

In turn, her work has led women to attract the love they are craving (and their forever love), guided women to uplevel their business and personal pursuits, helped couples overcome relationship struggles, and forge deeper, everlasting bonds.

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