Verb.  1. express warm approval or admiration of
“We can’t praise Sandy enough – she did a brilliant job!”

“Upon our initial intake, it was as if Sandy could see inside my soul. Her coaching helped me see how my childhood patterns were causing me to reenact my past over and over. I am thrilled to say through her innovative and progressive techniques, I healed more in my 6 months of working with her than I did in my 5 years of traditional counseling. I am happily married and expecting twins with my husband of 1.5 years!”

– Hailey R., NYC

“I wanted to share how much your energy and spirit have been pivotal in growth, healing, and better energy not only for myself and my family, but for this incredible gift of a daughter I’ve been trusted to raise. Love you big, Sandy!”

– Kelsey P., Tampa, FL.

“Going on the adventure with Sandy of my self-discovery has been a wild ride. My business has flourished, and my family life is richer than ever after 21 years of partnership. I love being a fierce, feminine, and a juicy goddess!”

– Denise R., Los Angeles

“Sandy used her faith and commitment to Creator to help guide me to see how I was the common denominator in my failed male relationships -my dad, my sons, and my ex-husband, even my CPA. I had no idea I was showing up as the man with them. It was mind blowing! I used her reconciliation process to heal these relationships and my ex-husband and I renewed our vows last year.”

– Barbara T., Asheville, NC

“My biggest take-aways from working with Sandy have been that I can be just as successful in my career coming from my feminine essence and have even more energy! Before Sandy’s coaching, I thought I had to always be in “get it done” mode to succeed. 

I also surrendered to the processes she shares of “dating intentionally”. Through her practices, I am learning to feel into my heart and retrain my nervous system to trust open, yet boundaried Queen energy.”

– Gretchen C., St. Petersburg, FL

“Sandy has helped me keep my heart, mind, and soul in check…for years. I could go on for pages on how she has offered me insight and encouragement. Sandy is that person who shows up on your doorstep, or in a phone call, with a smile and a hug and says, “let’s walk and talk,” and in a 20 minute power-session, you cover everything from how to impact bottom lines at work to how to walk through a difficult time with a close friend to empowering husbands and sons at home and THEN in her own gifted way, Sandy guides you and gives you the confidence and the plan to carry out the next steps to your best YOU.

Sandy has helped me see that I am not just another girl playing a supporting role in a man’s world, but I am playing THE role of a very much needed ME (in no order: boss, mom, wife, sister, friend) in THE world. Sandy operates in bold, shameless transparency, and I can say because of her I am a much bolder, more transparent, compassionate, and well-read version of myself.

Thank you, precious Sandy.”

– Angela O., St Petersburg, FL

 “Sandy has been a huge influence on my seeking personal growth and my commitment to leaning in. Her resources reach far and wide, as she has cultivated her practice through her own personal life experiences.  She is continually stretching herself to widen and expand her presence as she seeks to nurture and heal humanity."

– Laura J., St. Petersburg, FL

“After being told I was too much all my life by family, bosses, and my ex-husband, I decided to take the plunge upon my assistants urging, and sought Sandy’s program about healing the toxic masculine and feminine. The internal conflict I had with men slowly dissipated and after abstaining from dating under her guidance while I did the inner work, I am happy to say I am using her “dating intentionally” process to manifest my next forever man. Sandy, you will come to my wedding, right?”

– Donna R., St. Petersburg, FL

“I have always admired Sandy’s desire to continuously educate herself and others on the value of being transparent, loving oneself, and pushing through adversity to find a deeper awareness.

Sandy personally encouraged me to break free from old patterns in order to pursue relationships with trust, courage, and vulnerability. Thank you truly are inspiring.”

– Channing S., St. Petersburg, FL

“Sandy makes your inner feminine self feel seen, welcomed and embraced. She touches your soul with magic and wields her gifts with generosity and grace.

Her intuitive nature leads to results that enhance every aspect of life. Working with her has added so much color to my world!”

– Shannon G., Chicago, IL


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