You can be wildly successful in love and life

(without having to abandon your true feminine essence.)

Introducing the SakredShe Sisterhood


Introducing the SakredShe

A guided healing journey dedicated to women who desire deeper connections to themselves and others, more pleasure, abundance, and joy in every moment


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"A happy woman is a woman relaxed in her body and heart: powerful, unpredictable, deep, potentially wild and destructive, or calm and serene, but always full of life, surrendered to and moved by the great force of her oceanic heart..."

– David Deida

Do you know most women reject their greatest source of strength, creativity, and love?


And then wonder why they repeat the same toxic patterns as before, have an unfulfilled desire to be claimed and led, and yearn for the ‘more’ they know is out there?


Here’s the problem you face: as we’ve become more successful, in business and home, we’ve taken on more masculine burden… and lost the ability to live in our vibrant, energized feminine.


Women find themselves with more responsibility and less support – many times with a man who can’t lead, won’t lead, or disconnects (or worse leaves) when conflict arises.


Which means you wind up exhausted, feeling guilty and worn down, detached from your body, and unable to find pleasure in the simple things in life.


You know there has to be more to this life that God's given you.  You have an itch to be scratched, but you just don’t quite know what it is.

You’re not alone. 

Now there’s a solution. 


Let me introduce you to the SakredShe Sisterhood:


Imagine participating in monthly coaching and support that will allow you to find love, joy, and connection in every moment, restore and enhance your vibrant and beautiful feminine energy and strength, and allow a man to love you for all your wild, fierce, free, and untamed energy.

(Yes! This is possible!)

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Hear Rachel's Journey


Share in her experience and the transformation she achieved through Sandy's coaching -- including her business, family, and life.

Join me in the SakredShe Sisterhood where you will:

  • Rejuvenate your connection to your body, heart, mind, and soul to find joy and pleasure moment to moment meaning a richer, fuller life.

  • Feel heard, felt, seen, and safe so you make decisions from a place of intuitive knowing vs. fear allowing you the strength to find the connection you have always wanted.

  • Dive deeper into the Sakred Feminine – to embrace, celebrate, and love that core part of your essence, allowing you to tap into this unlimited source of creation, nurture, and love.

  • Dissolve limiting beliefs and embrace your authentic power of feminine flow through your surrender and your strength so you can accomplish your goals with less efforting because you are doing it from your true nature.

  • Know, protect, and love the little girl you may have forgotten so you can experience love and connection from a new place of fullness and get the relationship you’ve so deeply desired.

  • Discover the pleasure in your body for yourself and others, and how you can use this pleasure to unlock even more of your true feminine essence.

  • Love the woman in the mirror – without apology, shame, or guilt – and silence that voice in your head that says, “you’re not enough and welcome a new way of living.

What is SakredShe?

Learn how women who answer the call reconnect with their innermost wild and sovereign heart through Sandy Sembler’s internationally recognized women’s program: SakredShe. Discover how they unlock layers of newfound possibilities, heal deep-seated generational wounds, and learn to simply enjoy the divinity of what it means to be a WOMAN. 

Who Is Sandy Sembler?

I am an internationally recognized embodied results coach and creator of the SakredShe program, empowering women to “break up” with toxic patterns limiting their love, business, and success, and embrace a joy-filled, abundant life.


My SakredShe program was created after my own 10-year healing journey and desire to “make my mess a message and my test a testimony!”  I merged disciplines from teachers around the world to ignite clients towards change in their mind, heart, and body, tapping into the unlimited energy and creativity of their feminine flow, and releasing unhealthy patterns. 


The transformation my clients achieve is due to my compassionate yet ‘take no prisoners’ coaching style, my personal journey, and my ability to deeply connect with each client as a unique soul.


My deepest desire is for each client to intentionally claim their authentic purpose and abundance of self-worth, trust and live more fully, and create the quality relationships so deeply desired.

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Join Gayle Guyardo, host of BloomTV, as we discuss how to get the relationship you desire!

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Massiel -
Mom & CEO YÜJ Granola


"I've met so many beautiful woman through this program.  And I'm really grateful and appreciate that Sandy takes her time.


Sometimes I wonder how she takes her time and shows such dedication. And she really, really focuses on each one of us, even though we're all doing it together.


She understands that we're all in different stages. So she focuses on helping each of us individually, just so we can all meet together."

As part of our collective healing journey,
the SakredShe Sisterhood includes exceptional support:

  • Twelve sessions of powerful coaching & unique embodiment sessions shared with the Sisterhood!
  • Access to monthly office hours for SakredShe Sisterhood members, allowing you to go deeper into your questions and get what you need.  This also ensures you have the support you desire before and after the coaching sessions.
  • A community of open-minded Sisters that accept, celebrate, and support you exactly where you are, allowing your transformation to be faster, easier, and more connected.
  • Assignments before and after each session to deepen your practice which means you are supported every moment between calls.  This includes personalized practice threads and assignments to uniquely assist in your growth, discovery, and celebration!
  • Exclusive meditations and hypnosis for SakredShe – The Sisterhood to awaken parts of you that you may have forgotten so you can experience all the fullness and richness you are meant to have in life!
  • Lifetime membership in the SakredShe Society online community -- meaning you are supported in your transformational journey for as long as you desire.
  • Access to my extensive library of feminine-masculine polarity and transformational healing work so you benefit from years of experience and thousands of clients and save time and money versus doing it alone.
  • Spotify playlists that coincide with each of the feminine geniuses (Don’t worry. This is a lot of fun and will bring the extra fire you are craving by revealing every part of your feminine nature!  What would your life be like when you are so fully in tune with every part of your essence?)
  • And BONUS gifts revealed after you join!

    This is an extraordinary value and includes the same coaching and techniques I use with my top individual clients but offered to you in a very unique group container (by application only).
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Also, once you sign up, you’ll also receive:

  • Access to monthly movement classes to deepen your access to all of your divine feminine essence (including guest teachers hand-selected by Sandy to deepen your practice and awareness).

  • Music tasting sessions to explore each of your feminine archetypes.

  • Priority application and exclusive offers for SakredShe events, courses, and coaching available only to SakredShe Sisters.

  • Access to my Sakred resource list of favorite books, music playlists, practices, meditations, and must-haves for creating your Sakred space.

Share Daisy's Success 


Share in Daisy's success from The Sisterhood -- and the unexpected win she had from the start!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still have a question?


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And if that doesn't answer it, email [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Julie - Mom, KNOW Women (Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete) and Children's Book Author

"Sandy will make you feel like you are the only person she knows, the only person that exists. Your development is the only thing she cares about. She is always there, she is rooting for you. She is celebrating you. She sees the progress you make and she is cheering you on.

To have that type of ally in your life, that type of confidant, is so special. To work with her is just next level."

Leading To A New Journey 

Hear from five Sisters as to how the Sisterhood lead to a new journey and a new way of life for them!

You may be thinking – this offer is too good to be true!


Why would I offer something so valuable for so little?


And here’s the truth --
I spent too long on my own healing journey to keep this to myself.


I love seeing women’s lives transformed by the work, and my husband and I have a mission to positively impact the lives of 12 million men, women, and children through our work. 


I know this work will serve you and those that you love.


And it starts with YOU!

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Still unsure?

Watch this short video from other women who were on the fence -- and what guided them to their decision.

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