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You have it all… or so you thought.

Your life is filled with everything you set out to achieve.  You’ve attained everything you’ve desired and yet you still have an urge for more.

From the outside it all looks incredible.

Even if you’ve had a few hiccups – a career change, struggling to integrate Super Woman, SuperMom, SuperPartner, or even through divorce – you’ve still managed to shine.

People look to you and admire your strength.

And yet you know there’s something more.  An itch to scratch.

You may feel a little guilty about it, but you can’t deny it’s there.

It’s showing up in your most intimate relationships – personal and professional.

Maybe you don’t like how you look in the mirror.

Maybe the flame has gone cold with the one you thought was forever.

Or, maybe you haven’t called in your forever partner.

Want to scratch the itch?

I’ve got you. I’ve been there.  And I’ve come out the other side.

It’s time to make a shift.

It’s time to make a change.

What better time than now?


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Be Your Own SakredShe:

Join me in a beautiful, transformational journey where you will

  • Know, protect, and love the little girl you may have forgotten
  • Rejuvenate your connection to your body, heart, mind, and soul
  • Break the pattern of negative self-talk by releasing guilt and shame from past traumas
  • Feel heard, felt, seen, and safe.
  • Love the woman in the mirror – without apology, shame, or guilt.
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs and embrace your authentic power of feminine flow thru your surrender and your strength.
  • Deeper alignment with your Soul driven gifts
  • Increased energy and renewed curiousity and excitement
  • Understand and embrace the differences between women and men
  • Heal the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to live more fully
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1:1 Coaching


Experience SakredShe tailored in a way that is just right for you!  My unique program empowers and inspires your personal transformation -- of your life, your abundance, and your relationships.

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The Sisterhood: Group Coaching


Join me and your tribe of sisters in a life-changing journey!  Share your transformation with others as I guide you through powerful work to transform every aspect of your life.

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Redefine what being a powerful,
yet tender, surrendered woman means to you.


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Redefine what being a powerful, yet tender, surrendered woman
means to you.


Book a Discovery Call today

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Intentional Living

"We become what we repeatedly do." — Sean Covey

Living intentionally means taking an authentic assessment of where you are now (mentally, physically, and emotionally). When you are living intentionally, life flows like water as you train your nervous system to effortlessly adapt to any obstacle which is placed in your path.  You will learn what limiting beliefs are holding you back from living a more effortless existence. 

Energy and Breath

"Out of all of this, you will find breath." — SEEKER

What is the simplest answer to wanting more energy, less anxiety, and deeper sex? Yep. It is breath work! Deeper inhales and exhales may be the easiest route to a happier, healthier existence. This is where we explore breathing techniques that will amplify your everyday activities.


"The secret to living is giving." — Tony Robbins

The need to contribute and grow towards something larger than ourselves is hardwired into every human being. It gives meaning to life, feeds your soul and lifts your spirits. It helps you to be grateful for everything you have. If you’re not making progress in your life, of course you won’t feel fulfilled – you’ll be stagnant.  We grow so we can eventually give. Whether you’re giving back to your loved ones, the community or society, you’ll only find true fulfillment when you start to look outside of your own needs.


Exploring The Feminine & Masculine

"A happy woman is a woman relaxed in her body and heart: powerful, unpredictable, deep, potentially wild and destructive, or calm and serene, but always full of life, surrendered to and moved by the great force of her oceanic heart. " — David Deida

Everyone has both masculine & feminine energies present.  At our core, one essence will be more of the leading force. To live in our fullness who we are, we must bow to our truth and the dance between the two energies. Our work together will explore the dance between the two in sacred and soulful practices that will enhance your everyday way of being.


“What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.” — Haruki Murakami

Vulnerability is an act of courage because you merge with your authentic self, instead of hiding behind a facade to appease others. It is within the unknown where your greatest potential lies. Human nature is imperfect, yet the paradox is that we are whole within that sphere of imperfection. To embrace vulnerability as your greatest strength, you will need to become aware of your pain points.


"Duality: Both soft and fierce can coexist and still be powerful." — Doby

Healthy love and intimacy (in ALL personal relationships), and sex are expressed through the body.  To truly connect with another, you must first be able to feel ALL of yourself deeply. Repetitive embodiment practice is the foundation of intimacy.  Hold on while we take a deep dive into embodiment that is guaranteed to enhance all of your relationships.


"Every woman has an innate erotic essence that must be nourished, honored and expressed so that she may be truly free in her magical feminine body.” – Sheila Kelley

Through experimentation and study of movement revealed a deep connection between female physiology and empowerment. Moving, stretching and strengthening the body in ways that are tailored specifically to female landscape has been life-changing for thousands of women. The practice is designed to open the feminine body and allow the mind to surrender – giving women the opportunity to see a core aspect to their nature previously buried in cultural and societal protocols.

Polarity - What is it?

"Everything you do right now ripples outward and effects everyone. Your posture can shine your heart or transmit your anxiety. Your breath can radiate love or muddy the room in depression. Your glance can awaken joy. Your words involve freedom. Your every act can open hearts and minds."
— David Deida 

Polarity actually requires our differences!  It requires our powerful presence & full surrender; it requires strong leadership & deep devotion.  The practice of creating & maintaining polarity actually takes a lot of courage.  Get ready to be guided into realms you may not generally go on your own.  No worries. I am here to help you tease apart what it takes to have truly ecstatic intimate life.

Deep Inner Work

"A broken heart heals when we allow the healing to go as deep as the wound went." — Beth Moore

 Deep relating requires deep generosity.  The capacity and willingness to give beyond our comforts and habits.  To see and feel what our partner needs, perhaps more fully than they themselves can even see in a moment.  In order to live this truth, we must do the deep inner work that blocks us from giving and receiving love in the purest way.

Intimate Communication

"We all want that person who makes us calm n the soul and crazy in the flesh." — JM Storm

Learning to listen and share compassionately invites others to open and respond in ways to enhance your relationship. Learning pragmatic styles in different energies, non-verbal communication, and having the awareness of how we are BEING in our relationships will influence others more than any words we could possibly say.

Self Expression & Desire

"The most beautiful people are those with emotional depth who speak so passionately about absolutely everything they believe in." — Michael Bliss

If embodiment is the root of intimacy, being able to artfully communicate your desires is the foundation. You will gain access to tools to allow you to experience and express your desires in ways that creates deeper connection.



“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” – Ashley Smith


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